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Date: 2017-10-17 13:08

🖖🏻Один из первых лайвов которые я выкладываю в сеть.🖖🏻
вот Вам порция злости и агрессии в ленту [club154027044|со вчерашнего заруба в энимал клаб]😈
Уничтожил CROWD своим выступлением 💀
Лайв обязателен к прослушиванию, почувствуйте ужас, зло, адскую энергетику у себя дома, привет соседям.😏

🍕LEMNY - Live ZVRUB @ Animal Club / 30.09.2017🍕
Genres: Dubstep x Riddim 👹😈🛒

1.DeadExit - Snake
2.Trolley Snatcha - Killer (Original Mix)
3.JPhelpz - Hench (JPhelpz FuntCase VIP)
4.Dodge Fuski - 1-800-RIDDIM
w/GTA - Sarias Turn Up
5.ChodeGang - Boy Were They Wrong
6.Jakes - Somebody Say (feat. SGT. Pokes) [Cookie Monsta Remix
7.Phiso X Aweminus X Acting Damage amp Ripple - Four Horsemen
8.Max Headroom Animate - Shake It
9.BadKlaat - Rompa Stompa
10.heRobust MONXX - Giant Squiddim (Bandlez Remix)
11.Spag Heddy - ID
12.Barely Alive Twine - Smash (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
13.FuntCase - 4 Barz of Fury (feat. Merky Ace)
14.Eptic - Space Cats
w/ Flosstradamus - Mosh Pit (feat. Casino) [Acapella]
15.Rusko - Woo Boost (Dirt Monkey Remix)
16.Doctor P - Serious Sound
17.Dubloadz - Riddim Rats
18. ID - ID
19.Doctor P - Rekt Together (Every Single Night) (Original Mix)
20.Doctor P Flux Pavilion - Party Drink Smoke (Cookie Monsta VIP)
21.Herobust - Dirty Work
22.Flakzz x Aryaxz - Bad Render
w/Svdden Death - Power
24.Soltan - Sahara
25.FuntCase - Scary Yikes Grrz
26.Phiso - Perish Song
27.Eptic FuntCase - Oh Shit
28.Uber & Subtronics - Petes Song
29.ChodeGang - Its ChodeGang, Motherfucker
30.Trampa - Runners (Mighty Duck VIP)
w/Dodge Fuski, 12th Planet - Big Riddim Mariachi (Cookie Monsta & Funtcase Remix)
31.Svdden Death - Dr Boy Ball
32.Flux Pavilion - Feels Good ft. Tom Cane (Cookie Monsta Remix)

#dubstep #riddim #омск #music #edm


Meet the Capital DJs on our new rubric - DJ IDs.

Here are 10 facts about DJ Talish and Dina Mild. 8 are true and 2 are false.
Guess which ones we made up.

DJ Talish:

Place of birth - Adis Abbas, Ethiopia
Education - BA(H) Theatre (directing) & Criminology (I did two degrees)
1. Loves to cook
2. Was a club dj for 5 years
3. Opened for Grammy nominated band The Bare Naked Ladies
4. Has never been to Antarctica
5. Is a voice actor
6. Knows how to juggle
7. Has been chased by a bear
8. Once ate crocodile sushi and scorpion pizza
9. Knows all the words to Save a Horse, ride A Cowboy
10. Can do a handstand

Dina Mild:

Place of birth - Yoshkar Ola, Mari El.
Education - studied Philology, Music (vocals, piano)
1. Has found her cat in the forest
2. Is a theatre director
3. Is colorblind
4. Once won $600 at a casino in Las Vegas
5. Has Finnish roots
6. Washes her hands up to 90 times a day
7. Doesn't understand Russian idioms
8. Has lived in the US
9. Is never late
10. Can do a headstand