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Date: 2017-09-14 19:47

Vesper Lynd: — What else can you surmise, Mr. Bond?
James Bond: — About you, Miss Lynd? Well, your beauty's a problem. You worry you won't be taken seriously.
Vesper Lynd: — Which one can say of any attractive woman with half a brain.
James Bond: — True, but this one overcompensates by wearing slightly masculine clothing, being more aggressive than her female colleagues which gives her a somewhat prickly demeanor and ironically enough, makes it less likely for her to be accepted and promoted by her male superiors who mistake her insecurities for arrogance. Now, I'd have normally gone with only child but, you see, by the way you ignored the quip about your parents... I'm gonna have to go with orphan.

007 - CASINO ROYALE (2006)
dir. Martin Campbell.


Новая подборка фильмов на английском с английскими субтитрами.
Сохраняйте себе на стенку чтобы не потерялось =)

Peaceful Warrior [2006]
Knockin' on Heaven's Door - [1997]
Lаst Vеgаs [2013]
A Walk to Remember - [2002]
The Green Mile - [1999]
Oliver Twist - [2005]
Requiem For A Dream [2000]
Casino Royale [2006]
You've Got Mail [1998]2


6 октября 1962 года в Лондоне прошла премьера первого фильма киносерии о суперагенте Джеймсе Бонде «Доктор Ноу» , экранизации одноименного романа Яна Флеминга. Роль агента 007 исполнил британский актер Шон Коннери.

«Доктор Ноу» — единственный фильм «бондианы», у которого нет заглавной песни (если не считать таковой ямайскую фольклорную песенку Mango Tree, которую периодически напевают герои фильма).

Публикуем подборку фильмов об агенте 007. Приятного просмотра!



Daniel Craig was lauded for bringing a far grittier element to the James Bond character role. To help him prepare for Casino Royale (2006), he trained with Krav Maga Worldwide founder Darren Levine who says he not only helped Craig (amongst other actors) develop the necessary skills for the role but also gain muscle mass and increase fitness levels: “Their shoulders are ripped, their core is defined, and their legs get really muscular,” he said of the actors after he worked with them.