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[Обновление - Мод] Case Simulator 2 v1.48 Mod Money
Хотите больше классных программ? Ставьте 💚 и делайте 🔊
▷ Скачать :

Unbox some of the most exotic weapon and knife skins in this brand new app.
Updated with newest Operation Hydra, Spectrum and Glove cases, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Case Simulator 2 delivers great case opening in-game like experience.

• Gloves
• Roulette
• Jackpot
• Coinflip
• Gems
• Shop
• Ranks
• Profile
• Stats
• Item prices
• Item quality/StatTrak™
• All cases and souvenirs
• Drop rates based on hundreds of samples to create authentic case opening simulation
• Trade up Contracts
• Smooth experience, up to 60 frames per second (Where supported)
• Simple UI

App consists of 7 tabs - Cases, Inventory, Contracts, Jackpot, Coinflip, Roulette and Shop. To switch tab simply tap on its name.
• Cases tab - this is here you unbox your weapon skins, to begin opening cases tap icon on the right and select crate you wish to open.
• Inventory tab - all weapons you obtain will be stored here, use this tab to review skins and delete unwanted ones.
• Contracts tab - instead of deleting items, you can use them in Trade up Contract. Choose rarity of item you want to obtain and provide 10 skins of inferior rairty. All 10 weapons will be traded for one new random weapon with superior rarity.
• Jackpot tab - feeling lucky? Try Jackpot! Place where you gamble your skins away, to start simply add skins to your pot, choose difficulty and spin to win! Win big or go home!
• Coinflip - play 50/50 duel with your skins. Coinflip decides who win all skins in the pot. To play Coinflip, go to Casino tab and press Play Coinflip button, you can always go back to Casino using Casino button.
• Roulette - spin the Wheel of Fortune and win! Bet on one of three colors and win up to 14x! Gems are needed to play roulette, in order to get them visit your inventory and sell some skins.
• Shop - in shop you can buy any weapon or knife you like with gems. Beware items in shop are 50% more expensive, so choose wisely!

Note: Weapon skins found in Case Simulator 2 cannot be used in official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game made by Valve.

• Added Operation Hydra Case
КАТЕГОРИИ: Симуляторы
ДАТА ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ: 24 мая 2017 г.
ТЕГИ: #Simulator #SmokedStudios #Case


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Accept - 1979-1989 Discography
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Germany

* * *

1979 "Accept"

01. Lady Lou
02. Tired Of Me
03. Seawinds
04. Take Him In My Heart
05. Sounds Of War
06. Free Me Now
07. Glad To Be Alone
08. That’s Rock 'N' Roll
09. Helldriver
10. Street Fighter

1980 "I'm A Rebel"

01. I'm a Rebel
02. Save Us
03. No Time To Lose
04. Thunder And Lightning
05. China Lady
06. I Wanna Be No Hero
07. The King
08. Do It

1981 "Breaker"

01. Starlight
02. Breaker
03. Run If You Can
04. Can't Stand The Night
05. Son Of A Bitch
06. Burning
07. Feelings
08. Midnight Highway
09. Breaking Up Again
10. Down And Out

1982 "Restless And Wild"

01. Fast As A Shark
02. Restless And Wild
03. Ahead Of The Pack
04. Shake Your Heads
05. Neon Nights
06. Get Ready
07. Demon's Night
08. Flash Rockin' Man
09. Don't Go Stealing My Soul Away
10. Princess Of The Dawn

1983 "Balls To The Wall"

01. Balls To The Wall
02. London Leatherboys
03. Fight It Back
04. Head Over Heels
05. Losing More Than You've Ever Had
06. Love Child
07. Turn Me On
08. Losers And Winners
09. Guardian Of The Night
10. Winter Dreams

1985 "Metal Heart"

01. Metal Heart
02. Midnight Mover
03. Up To The Limit
04. Wrong Is Right
05. Screaming For A Love-Bite
06. Too High To Get It Right
07. Dogs On Leads
08. Teach Us To Survive
09. Living For Tonite
10. Bound To Fail

1986 "Russian Roulette"

01. T.V.War
02. Monsterman
03. Russian Roulette
04. It’s Hard To Find A Way
05. Aiming High
06. Heaven Is Hell
07. Another Second To Be
08. Walking In The Shadow
09. Man Enough To Cry
10. Stand Tight

1989 "Eat The Heat"

01. X-T-C
02. Generation Clash
03. Chain Reaction
04. Love Sensation
05. Turn The Wheel
06. Hellhammer
07. Prisoner
08. I Can’t Believe In You
09. Mistreated
10. Stand 4 What U R
11. Break The Ice
12. D-Train


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