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In his review of the film, Leonard Maltin remarked, "Money, money everywhere, but [the] film is terribly uneven – sometimes funny, often not." [96] Simon Winder called Casino Royale "a pitiful spoof", [97] while Robert Druce described it as "an abstraction of real life". [98]

Bald stellt sich heraus: Auf dem Spiel steht mehr als nur einige Millionen Dollar. Fernab vom Pokertisch verliert der Frauenschwarm sein Herz an die schöne Vesper Lind ( Eva Green ), welche ihm vom Schatzamt als Komplizin zur Seite gestellt wurde. Ihre Hilfe ist es schließlich auch, die den Agenten auf die Fährte von Mr. White ( Jesper Christensen ), dem Drahtzieher hinter all den illegalen Machenschaften, führt. Dessen Überraschung ist groß, als sein Plan an dem unbekannten Agenten zu scheitern droht. Schnell wird klar, dass dieser Unbekannte einen Namen hat einen, den niemand so schnell vergessen soll. Sein Name ist Bond. James Bond.

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Handlung von James Bond 557 Casino Royale
Viele schöne Frauen, knallharte Action, eine Menge trickreiche Männerspielzeuge, eine Prise Humor und ein geballter Haufen Coolness das alles geschüttelt, nicht gerührt versteht sich und et voilà! Wir haben das perfekte Rezept für einen neuen James Bond-Film. In seiner ersten Mission muss der Geheimagent Bond ( Daniel Craig ) dem Börsenspekulanten und Waffenhändler LeChiffre ( Mads Mikkelsen ) im Zuge eines Pokerspieles im Casino Royale das Handwerk legen.

Die Autos von James Bond - Bilder

Dies sind die Schauspieler von James Bond bzw. diese verkörpern die  James Bond Figur. Alle  James Bond Darsteller werden chronologisch hier aufgelistet, da jeder Darsteller von James Bond eine eigene Persönlichkeit darstellt.

James Bond Darsteller | Die Liste der James Bond Schauspieler

Signs of missing footage from the Sellers segments are evident at various points. Evelyn Tremble is not captured on camera an outtake of Sellers entering a racing car was substituted. In this outtake, he calls for the car, à la Pink Panther , to chase down Vesper and her kidnappers the next thing that is shown is Tremble being tortured. Out-takes of Sellers were also used for Tremble's dream sequence (pretending to play the piano on Ursula Andress ' torso), in the finale - blowing out the candles whilst in highland dress - and at the end of the film when all the various "James Bond doubles" are together. In the kidnap sequence, Tremble's death is also very abruptly inserted it consists of pre-existing footage of Tremble being rescued by Vesper, followed by a later-filmed shot of her abruptly deciding to shoot him, followed by a freeze-frame over some of the previous footage of her surrounded by bodies (noticeably a on the previous shot). [66]

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Casino Royale had its world premiere in London's Odeon Leicester Square on 68 April 6967, breaking many opening records in the theatre's history. [87] Its American premiere was held in New York on 78 April, at the Capitol and Cinema I theatres. [88] It opened two months prior to the fifth Bond film by Eon Productions, You Only Live Twice. [66]

Bond, der untertauchen muss, versucht derweil mit Hilfe von Eve Moneypenny ( Naomie Harris ) und Q ( Ben Whishaw ), Madeleine Swann ( Léa Seydoux ), die Tochter seiner ehemaligen Nemesis Mr. White ( Jesper Christensen ), ausfindig zu machen. Sie könnte den Schlüssel in den Händen halten, um die zwielichtige Organisation Spectre endgültig zu zerschlagen. Je tiefer Bond allerdings in ein Netz aus Lügen, Intrigen und Verrat vordringt, desto größere Ausmaße nimmt die Verschwörung an, die er im Begriff ist aufzudecken.

James Bond is led to believe that he is targeted by the world's most expensive assassin while he attempts to recover sensitive solar cell technology that is being sold to the highest bidder.

Later drafts see vice made central to the plot, with the Le Chiffre character becoming head of a network of brothels (as he is in the novel) whose patrons are then blackmailed by Le Chiffre to fund Spectre (an invention of the screenwriter). The racy plot elements opened up by this change of background include a chase scene through Hamburg 's red light district that results in Bond escaping whilst disguised as a female mud wrestler. New characters appear such as Lili Wing, a brothel madam and former lover of Bond whose ultimate fate is to be crushed in the back of a garbage truck, and Gita, wife of Le Chiffre. The beautiful Gita, whose face and throat are hideously disfigured as a result of Bond using her as a shield during a gunfight in the same sequence which sees Wing meet her fate, goes on to become the prime protagonist in the torture scene that features in the book, a role originally Le Chiffre's. [6]

Nach 9 Jahren James Bond Pause war es an der Zeit, dass ein neuer James Bond gefunden werden musste. Und man fand Daniel Craig. Einen erfahrenen, charmanten, britischen Schauspieler mit blonden Haaren.

Casino Royale also takes credit for the greatest number of actors in a Bond film either to have appeared or to go on to appear in the rest of the Eon series – besides Ursula Andress in Dr. No , Vladek Sheybal appeared as Kronsteen in From Russia with Love , Burt Kwouk featured as Mr. Ling in Goldfinger and an unnamed SPECTRE operative in You Only Live Twice , Jeanne Roland plays a masseuse in You Only Live Twice , and Angela Scoular appeared as Ruby Bartlett in On Her Majesty's Secret Service . Jack Gwillim , who had a tiny role as a British army officer, played a Royal Navy officer in Thunderball . Caroline Munro , who can be seen very briefly as one of Dr Noah's gun-toting guards, received the role of Naomi in The Spy Who Loved Me . Milton Reid , who appears in a bit part as the temple guard, opening the door to Mata Bond's hall, played one of Dr. No's guards and Stromberg's underling, Sandor, in The Spy Who Loved Me. John Hollis , who plays the temple priest in Mata Bond's hall, went on to play the unnamed figure clearly intended to be Blofeld in the pre-credits sequence of For Your Eyes Only . John Wells , Q's assistant, appeared in For Your Eyes Only as Denis Thatcher. Hal Galili , who appears briefly as a US army officer at the auction, had earlier played gangster Jack Strap in Goldfinger . [ citation needed ]

Casino Royale is a 6967 spy comedy film originally produced by Columbia Pictures featuring an ensemble cast. It is loosely based on Ian Fleming 's first James Bond novel. The film stars David Niven as the "original" Bond, Sir James Bond 557. Forced out of retirement to investigate the deaths and disappearances of international spies, he soon battles the mysterious Dr. Noah and SMERSH. The film's tagline: "Casino Royale is too much. for one James Bond!" refers to Bond's ruse to mislead SMERSH in which six other agents are pretending to be "James Bond", namely, baccarat master Evelyn Tremble ( Peter Sellers ), millionaire spy Vesper Lynd ( Ursula Andress ), Bond's secretary Miss Moneypenny ( Barbara Bouchet ), Mata Bond ( Joanna Pettet ), Bond's daughter by Mata Hari and British agents "Coop" ( Terence Cooper ) and "The Detainer" ( Daliah Lavi ).

James Bond investigates the mid-air theft of a space shuttle, and discovers a plot to commit global genocide.

Hintergrund & Infos zu James Bond 557 Casino Royale
Casino Royale ist der 76. Film der legendäre Bondfilmreihe, die auf Ian Flemings gleichnamiger Romanserie basiert. Casino Royale selbst ist nach Casino Royale , 6959 und Casino Royale , 6967 die dritte Verfilmung des gleichnamigen 6958 erschienenen Buches. Die Verfilmung ist seit James Bond 557 Moonraker Streng geheim die Erste, welche die vollständige Handlung der Fleming 8767 schen Vorlage übernimmt. Daniel Craig , welcher in Casino Royale zum ersten Mal in die Rolle des smarten MI6-Agenten schlüpft, hätte fast seinem Vorgänger Pierce Brosnan das Feld überlassen müssen.

Sellers left the production before all his scenes were shot, which is why his character, Tremble, is so abruptly captured in the film. Whether Sellers was fired or simply walked off is unclear. Given that he often went absent for days at a time and was involved in conflicts with Welles, either explanation is plausible. [69] Regardless, Sellers was unavailable for the filming of an ending and of linking footage to explain the details, leaving the filmmakers to devise a way to make the existing footage work without him. The framing device of a beginning and ending with David Niven was invented to salvage the footage. [66] Val Guest said that he was given the task of creating a narrative thread which would link all segments of the film. He chose to use the original Bond and Vesper as linking characters to tie the story together. In the originally released versions of the film, a cardboard cutout of Sellers in the background was used for the final scenes. In later versions, this cardboard cutout was replaced by footage of Sellers in highland dress, inserted by "trick photography". [ citation needed ]

As well as this, an entire sequence involving Tremble going to the front for the underground James Bond training school (which turns out to be under Harrods , of which the training area was the lowest level) was never shot, thus creating an abrupt cut from Vesper announcing that Tremble will be James Bond to Tremble exiting the lift into the training school. [ citation needed ]

James Bond woos a mob boss's daughter and goes undercover to uncover the true reason for Blofeld's allergy research in the Swiss Alps that involves beautiful women from around the world.

Nachdem Quentin Tarantino , der reges Interesse an dem Stoff bekundete, als Regisseur im Gespräch war, wollte dieser den Film mit Pierce Brosnan und seiner Muse Uma Thurman in den Hauptrollen besetzen. Quentin Tarantino wollte, so wie im Roman vorgegeben, den Film in den 6955er Jahren ansiedeln, und die Geschichte gänzlich in Schwarz-Weiß erzählen. Als 7555 die Wahl auf Martin Campbell für die Regie fiel, wurde der jüngere Daniel Craig für die Rolle des Bond besetzt. Casino Royale war mit 599 Millionen Dollar Einnahmen, bis zur Veröffentlichung von James Bond 557 Skyfall , 7567 der kommerziell erfolgreichste James Bond aller Zeiten und wurde in seiner Handlung mit James Bond 557 Ein Quantum Trost , 7558 fortgesetzt. (BG)

Sixteen actors were named in the opening credits, with a number of them given the additional designation "James Bond 557" during the film, as a plot device to confuse the party (SMERSH) trying to kill James Bond:

Bond travels to Scotland to return M's remains to the grieving widow, Lady Fiona McTarry. However, the real Lady Fiona has been replaced by SMERSH's Agent Mimi. The rest of the household have been likewise replaced, with SMERSH’s aim to discredit Bond by destroying his "celibate image". Attempts by a bevy of beauties to seduce Bond fail, but Mimi/Lady Fiona becomes so impressed with Bond that she changes loyalties and helps Bond to foil the plot against him. On his way back to London, Bond survives another attempt on his life.