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Date: 2017-10-17 05:41

Oct. 10, 2017 | Bob Boilen — I think Randy Newman is a national treasure. If he was just a funny guy making music, I'd be OK with that, but his wit is sardonic, satirical and politically on point. Mixing politics and humor with music is usually about the punchline, and his punchlines even make the singer smile.

Randy Newman paints lasting portraits of places and people, all the while poking fun and highlighting injustice, stupidity, power and humanity and he's been doing it for half a century. Here are the opening lines to his recently released song "Putin":

"Putin puttin' his pants on / One leg at a time / You mean he's just like a regular fella, huh? / He ain't nothing like a regular fella."
His new album, Dark Matter, is his first batch of songs in nine years and there's more than the usual biting Newman wit; there's also a tender heart. And watching the 73-year-old songwriter amble to the Tiny Desk and singing these words, had me crying for sentiment so full of heart:

"I'm not much to talk to, and I know how I look / What I know 'bout life comes out of a book / But of all of the people there are in the world / She chose me."
Watch this grand master play.

Set List

"She Chose Me"
"It's A Jungle Out There"
"Wandering Boy"


Randy Newman (vocals, piano)


Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Producers: Bob Boilen, Bronson Arcuri; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Bronson Arcuri, Morgan Noelle Smith; Production Assistant: Tsering Bista; Photo: Liam James Doyle/NPR.

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Jessie James Decker – Southern Girl City Lights (2017)
Стиль: Country / Pop rock / Country pop


Замечательная певица и симпатичная девушка [club39008273|Jessie James Decker ] представила свой новый альбом с названием «Southern Girl City Lights». Новый альбом включил в себя внушительное количество песен, которое в России привыкли называть поп-музыкой, но для американцев это скорее кантри, поэтому мы имеем возможность слушать настоящее зарубежное чудо, которое так и будет интересно слушателю.

Jessie James Decker - Southern Girl City Lights

Oct 13, 2017
⭐⭐⭐⭐226 Ratings

💾Downlod iTunes m4a: http://ouo.io/LiD7IH


01 Southern Girl City Lights
02 Fall in Love
03 Hold a Candle
04 Almost Over You By Jessie James Decker Feat Randy Houser
05 All Filled Up
06 Open All Night
07 Another Dumb Love Song
08 Do You
09 Hungry
10 Pretty Girl
11 Use Your Words
12 Girl Like Me


Jessie James Decker - Southern Girl City Lights (2017)

Исполнитель: Jessie James Decker
Название диска: Southern Girl City Lights
Страна: USA
Жанр: Country, Pop
Год выпуска: 2017
Количество треков: 12
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:42:25
Размер файла: 97,46 МБ


01 Southern Girl City Lights
02 Fall in Love
03 Hold a Candle
04 Almost Over You By Jessie James Decker Feat Randy Houser
05 All Filled Up
06 Open All Night
07 Another Dumb Love Song
08 Do You
09 Hungry
10 Pretty Girl
11 Use Your Words
12 Girl Like Me



Jessie James Decker – Southern Girl City Lights [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]
Genres: Country, Music
#Country #Music #JessieJamesDecker #Album #RandyHouser


Track List:
1. Southern Girl City Lights
2. Fall In Love
3. Hold a Candle
4. Almost Over You (feat. Randy Houser)
5. All Filled Up
6. Open All Night
7. Another Dumb Love Song
8. Do You
9. Hungry
10. Pretty Girl
11. Use Your Words
12. Girl Like Me


Oct. 6, 2017 | Bob Boilen — Landlady's music is more than sonic exploration, it's an adventure. The Brooklyn-based band's songs are the initial creation of leader Adam Schatz, who observes the world with fresh, almost alien eyes. The songs can feel a bit drugged-out – a bit high and full of curiosity – but never overly intoxicated or out-of-touch.

The opening track for Landlady's Tiny Desk performance, "Cadaver," has its origins in a friend of Schatz's who went to medical school, and the years she spent examining a single cadaver over and over and even more specifically about a tattoo on that cadaver's buttocks.

Landlady is also a band of brilliant musicians who carefully craft their playing to serve the songs. Each player on their own might seem to be making quirky sounds or playing odd rhythms, but together they create head-turning tunes.

For their Tiny Desk Concert they came in as a foursome but also recruited the Washington D.C. string quartet, Rogue Collective to flesh-out their sound on the third song, "Electric Abdomen." That cut, which seems to be about being uncomfortable in your own skin, sounds like it came from a long-lost tape from The Beatles during a session for Abbey Road, full of wonder and, like this Tiny Desk performance, worth digging deep into.

Set List

"Solid Brass"
"Electric Abdomen"


Adam Schatz (keys, vocals); Will Graefe (guitar, vocals); Ryan Dugre (bass, vocals); Ian Chang (drums, vocals); Alexa Cantalupo (violin); Livia Amoruso (violin); Deanna Said (viola); Natalie Spehar (cello)


Producers: Bob Boilen, Bronson Arcuri; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin, James Willetts; Videographers: Bronson Arcuri, Colin Marshall, Maia Stern, Tsering Bista; Production Assistant: Jenna Li; Photo: Claire Harbage/NPR.

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-----------Свежий микс к выходным----------
Скачать здесь:

R.Fatkulin - mix #24
Release Date: 13-10-2017
Genre: House/Bass House

01 Tiësto & Oliver Heldens - Wombass
w/ cirque melody wombass
w/ Tiesto & Oliver Heldens - The Right Song
02 Chained to the Rhythm (Oliver Heldens Remix)
03 Yves LaRock - Be
04 Little Mix - Little Me (Steve Smart & Westfunk Radio Edit)
05 Tchami - After Life (feat. Stacy Barthe)
06 Tchami - Prophecy
07 Sonny Banks & Stereoliez - MollyBreath
08 Madison Mars - Future Is Now
09 Oliver Heldens & Throttle - Waiting
10 Tchami x Janet Jackson - Go Deep (remix)
11 Marshall Jefferson - Move Your body
12 Tchami & Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body
13 Жан & Rimsky - Rat
14 Mike Williams x Brooks - Jetlag
15 Peking Duk - Say My Name (feat. Benjamin Joseph) [Filterkat Remix]
w/ Say My Name [Filterkat Remix] (R. Fatkulin edit)
16 ZHAN & PAUL STOUCK feat. ALISA VOX - Sensation
17 Breathe Carolina & Dropgun - Rhythm Is a Dancer (feat. Kaleena Zanders)
18 Aevion - The Journey (Oliver Heldens Extended Edit)
19 DubVision - Sound Of Violence
20 David Guetta - Shot Me Down
21 Tom & Jame x Holl & Rush — Move On Me
22 Funkerman & Jack York - Ready For the Summer (feat. Lovetho)
23 Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic - Old Dollars
24 Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano - The One That Got Away (feat. Clara Mae) [Mednas Remix]
25 Lee Cabrera - Shake It (Antonio Giacca Remix Edit)


1) Я из города Краснодара, мне 14 , тян. Ищю куна лет 14-15 тоже из Краснодара.
2) Что бы тоже любил аниме как и я, и можно было ролить вместе.
3) Что бы знал аниме как Тёмный дворецкий, Шарлотта, Бродячие псы, Моя геройская академия и обязательно должен посмотреть Вольтрона Легендарный Защитник!!!
4) Что бы любил детективы и хорошую музыку. Детектив например Шерлок и Вечность (но это не обязательно, а про музыку да)
5) Кто бы мы могли гулять по улицам Краснодара и разговаривать на разные темы.
6)Пишыте мне в ЛС я буду рада и тяг из моего города
Если ты подходишь по всем критериям или Хотя-бы большую часть то смело пиши в лс я буду ждать!


MaximumD ONline – Theme Song WAVs #sanford #son #theme

# Note: Most of these sound clips are PERFECT as start-up music for your PC. 007.wav The James Bond theme. only the gun-barrel opening sequence part (607KB) 20thfox.wav The opening tune to 20th Century Fox movies (130KB) 2sexy2.wav Small snippet from the I’m Too Sexy song by Right Said Fred (170KB) 3rdrock.wav The theme song of the television show 3rd Rock From The Sun. (169KB) 500miles.wav Taken from the tune I’m Gonna Be by the Proclaimers, found in the movie Benny Joon (236KB) actnnews.wav Philadelphia local television news theme (432KB) aptheme.wav A clip of the theme music from the Austin ...


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A collaboration song done with Vault-113 (back in 2013)​, released on "Behind the Scenes: Vol. 01".
"Behind the Scenes" is a Cold Therapy's side release series, including rare, previously unreleased songs, demo versions, and collaborations with other artists.

➧ Bandcamp:
➧ iTunes:
➧ Spotify:

This series also means something more to the bands who will remix Cold Therapy!
All the artists who will make a remix for CT during any future remix contests (or for fun and submit it), have a chance to appear on the main album, and if not, then for sure will appear on the next "Behind the Scenes" release!


01. Cold Therapy - Alte Wunden
02. Cold Therapy - Perversity (feat. Universally Unnecessary)
03. Acervus - Far, Far Away (feat. Cold Therapy)
04. Cold Therapy - Figures and Faces (James J James version)
05. Cold Therapy - A Story Untold (Instrumental)
06. FF.AA - El comandante (feat. Cold Therapy)
07. Cold Therapy - Angesicht der Angst (feat. Jan R.)
08. Cold Therapy - Lost your way (Remix by BetaMorphose) [Demo Version]
09. London Sadness - Distant Past (feat. Cold Therapy)
10. Acervus (feat. Cold Therapy) - Far, Far Away (Restriction 9 Remix)
11. Cold Therapy - World of Crows (Acervus Mix)
12. Cold Therapy - Lost your way (Orbicide Remix)
13. Vault-113 - Entrückung (feat. Cold Therapy)
14. Cold Therapy - Hello, I'm Death (Cellhavoc Remix)
15. Traumatize - Bound by Hell (feat. Cold Therapy)
16. Cold Therapy - The Puppeteer (Electro Fear Remix)
17. Cold Therapy - Hello, I'm Death (Resurrected by Tanaros)
18. 13th Angel - Purgatory (feat. Cold Therapy)


Sept. 13, 2017 | Bob Boilen — Lookman Adekunle Salami, who writes and records as L.A. Salami, is a storyteller and a poet. His songs are deliberate meanderings on the mundane and the poignancy in everyday life. And in the way Bob Dylan took his guitar and harmonica to accompany his rarely repeating ramblings, L.A Salami embraces a similar aesthetic, albeit as a black Englishman instead of a white Minnesotan.

His opening song at the Tiny Desk, "Day to Day (For 6 Days a Week)," runs about six minutes, with over 600 words. He seems to rattle them all off effortlessly, with compelling, complicated rhymes that never repeat and phrases such as:

"Went to work for the NHS -

Mental health, people depressed.

Met Joanne - Scared of living,

Afraid of dying, terrified of being.

Then met Paul, a schizophrenic,

Shaking limbs, paranoid fanatic -

Unwashed 10 days in a row -

So afraid almost paralytic."

L.A. Salami released one of my favorite albums of 2016, Dancing With Bad Grammar, which was produce by Matt Ingram, known for his creative work with artists as diverse as Laura Marling and FKA Twigs. So if you have a penchant for broadside ballads, and observations of our times reflected through the mind of a brilliant songwriter, take a look at L.A. Salami.

Set List

"Day To Day (For 6 Days A Week)"

"Terrorism (The ISIS Crisis)"

"My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire"


Lookman Adekunle Salami (vocals, guitars, harmonicas)


Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith; Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin; Videographer: Morgan Noelle Smith; Production Assistant: Jenna Li; Photo: Liam James Doyle/NPR.

For more Tiny Desk concerts, subscribe to our podcast: http://www.npr.org/podcasts/510292/tiny-desk-concerts-video


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VEVO.WS helps you to automatically convert James Reid – Down Low (LYRICS) to MP3 songs or can download as MP4 / 3GP Music video!

Support James Reid – Down Low (Palm Dreams)
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6QGOAQXiZqSbVb4JSZEEgG
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Новинки (переиздания) от ZYX-Music:
MUNGO JERRY - In The Summertime... Best Of (29.09.2017г.)
1. In The Summertime (Re-Recording) 3:43
2. Lady Rose (Re-Recording) 3:10
3. Open Up (Re-Recording) 3:55
4. Sugar Mama (Re-Recording) 4:19
5. We're O.k. (Re-Recording) 4:19
6. You Don't Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The W (Re-Recording) 3:26
7. Wild Love (Re-Recording) 3:09
8. Baby Jump (Re-Recording) 4:51
9. Alright, Alright, Alright (Re-Recording) 2:54
10. Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black (Re-Recording) 3:02
11. Put A Little Love In Your Letter (Re-Recording) 3:47
12. Just Can't Say Goodbye (Re-Recording) 4:22

FUN FUN “Greatest Hits & Remixes“ (01.09.2017г.)
1. Fun Fun - Happy Station (Club Mix) 7:13
2. Fun Fun - Color My Love (Club Mix) 7:40
3. Fun Fun - Baila Bolero (Bolero Dance Mix) 9:22
4. Fun Fun - Give Me Your Love (Extended Version) 7:45
5. Fun Fun - Sing Another Song (Gary Otto Remix) 7:57
6. Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix (Happy Station) 1:30
7. Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix (Color My Love) 1:30
8. Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix (Baila Bolero) 1:30
9. Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix (Living In Japan) 1:30
10. Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix (Give Me Your Love) 1:30
11. Fun Fun - Mega Hit Mix (Gimme Some Lovin') 1:34

KOTO - Plays Synthesizer World Hits (11.08.2017г.)
1. Trans Europe Express 4:50
2. Tender Force 3:45
3. James Bond Theme 4:15
4. The Force 3:25
5. Crockett's Theme 3:10
6. Equinox Part V 3:09
7. Moonlight Shadow 3:16
8. The Captain Of Her Heart 3:52
9. Wonderful Land 3:31
10. I Like Chopin 3:30
11. Oxygene Part Iv 3:26
12. Pulstar 3:50
13. Eye Of The Tiger 3:14
14. Rambo I Theme 3:36


Widowspeak 🇺🇸 — Expect the Best (2017).

released August 25, 2017


Molly Hamilton - vocals, guitar
Robert Earl Thomas III - guitar
Willy Muse - bass
James Jano - drums

Widowspeak remain purveyors of mood. Whether painting an image of a basement apartment with blinds closed or conjuring the sweeping openness of a desert, they’re an outfit ever preoccupied with the influence of place and the passage of time on personal experience: the way vivid memories can feel like movies or dreams.

On their newest album for Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks, Widowspeak use familiar aesthetics as a narrative device, a purposeful nostalgic backdrop for songs that ask, “How did we get here?” Sonically, they exist somewhere in the overlap between somber indie rock, dream pop, slow-core and their own invented genre, "cowboy grunge."

The album was written while Hamilton was living in Tacoma, Washington after previous stints in upstate New York and Brooklyn.

#widowspeak #dreampop #indiepop #shoegaze #nyc


The Music of David Lynch
LP #1
Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme
Donovan – Love Me Tender
Chrysta Bell – Swing With Me
Tennis and Twin Peaks – In Dreams
Rebekah Del Rio – Llorando
Sky Ferreira – Blue Velvet
Jim James – Sycamore Trees
Karen O – Pinky’s Dream

LP #2
Angelo Badalamenti – Dance of The Dream Man
Moby – Go (feat. Mindy Jones)
Duran Duran – The Chauffeur
Lykke Li – Wicked Game
Zola Jesus – In Heaven
Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips – Soundscape from Eraserhead and The Elephant Man
Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme
David Lynch – A Poem of Unknown Origin


На левом плече, там, где у некоторых людей всякая гадость сидит, у меня - вход в Нарнию - волшебный фонарь! :)
P.S. Нет, я никогда не вырасту.
P.P.S. Да, я всё ещё держу окно открытым, чтобы Питер Пэн смог войти, когда прилетит за мной...)